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Our trained assembly staff is capable to support your projects from prototype to production. Their extensive experience often helps our engineers and machine shop personnel to lower the cost out of your products. The assembly technique has been developed and refined for more than 10 years, and has been optimised for low interface losses and ease of assembly. Our engineers can help you to select right but lowest cost accessories, the simplest way is that just let us know your applications.

Our design and manufacturing engineers can offer innovative methods to remove cost from your product, or improve the performance. Based on your statement of work, we develop a solution that meets form, fit, and function specifications while satisfying your cost target. We always look to reduce your cost through design innovations, reduced part count, and designed-in manufacturability.

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We produce a broad range of precision grade lenses with outstanding specifications. They are made of the best grade material of optical class (OHARA, SCHOTT) and fused silica. The lenses are widely used in the optical industry and have various functions. They can be used for the simple collection of light, the scanning of laser beams, precise imaging and image transfer. Simple lens elements can work either singly or in combination with others (doublets and triplets). Most of our lenses are defined by the customer. We are very competitve in producing smaller quantities at reasonable prices.

Plano-covex lenses - This kind of lenses have positive focal lengths. They work best when producing real images at infinite conjugates when the convex surface is facing the object.

Equi-convex leses - These lenses have different or equal radii of curvature on both sides with large range of focal lengths.

Plano-concave lenses - Their popular applications are to increase focal lengths in existing systems. They are a more suitable choice than the equivalent equi-concave lens.

Equi-concave lenses - This kind of lenses with different or equal radii of curvature on both surfaces, diverge collimated incident light.

Meniscus lenses - Meniscus lenses are employed to the greatest advantage to shorten the focal length of a doublet or a plano-convex lens already working at an infinite conjugate. Doublets - These lenses are made of two different glasses, crown and flint. They are designed to perform well throughout the entire visible spectrum.

Cone lenses - These components are designed for use in a variety of laser and imaging applications with standard sizes from 5mm to 10mm

Rod Lenses - These components are designed for use in a variety of laser and imaging applications with standard sizes from 5mm to 15mm

Triplets - Triplets specifically designed for 1:1 conjugate ratios are ideal for use in relay systems. By the principle of symmetry aberrations are corrected automatically. Our lenses, doublets, triplets, mirros and window plates come in different shapes and sizes, because customer needs are never the same. In the table below, you can find our capabilties of production and decide, whether or not we can help you on your project.

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When you, or your client have an idea for a new product, but you don't have the construction of the needed optical system, we can help you.

Tell us about your needs in a form convenient for you. If necessary, we'll ask more questions to specify your needs. We'll determine the final task together, exchanging all required information.

Assigning this task to us, you will have the advantage to receive with the construction an offer for single samples and serial manufacture of your product. Your optic will be planned for production on phase of design, so you'll have the best delivery terms.

For your optical design will take care highly skilled optician, armed with one of the most powerful software products for optical computations - OSLO, which is a product of Lambda Research Company - USA. Some of the main fnctions of this software include:

Tolerance calculation

Optical components design

Optical systems design

Optical lens including zoom lens design

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One of our main goals is a higher quality level. We perform 100 percent control of detail parameters. If client requires, we provide inspection protocols, interferograms, glass certificates and optical cover characteristics.

Measuring microscopes , interferometers, centration measuring devices, as well as a selection of universal devices allow us to cover the many facets of metrology

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